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            ABOUT US

            Changsha Broad Homes Industrial Group Co., Ltd. (“Broad Homes”) is the first company in China’s prefabricated housing industry to entirely use whole-process information system for PC production. We are also the first company to have intellectual property rights of technology system for the entire industry chain, providing a globalized, mass-scale, professional and intelligent manufacture of prefabricated building and service.Back in 1996, the founder and chairman of Broad Mr. Zhang Jian and his management team entered the industrialized building industry. Broad Homes developed 8 generations of industrialized?building product system, ……

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            Application of Broad Industrial Building System

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            1. High-rise Buildings
            2. Fully Prefabricated Villas
            3. Prefabricated Underground Utility Tunnels
              & Underground Infrastructures
            4. Construction of Sponge Cities


            A leading intelligent plant (fully automatic flexible flow production line)
            By April 30th, 2019, Broad Homes wholly owns 15 factories and 85 joint venture factories
            By April 30th, 2019, the total production capacity of our wholly owned PC factories and joint venture factories is about 5.6million cubic meters
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            all-round cooperation

            Focus on industry, gather resources, seek common development and create a brand-new ecology for the building industry

            1. Developer

            2. Builder

            3. Design Institute

            4. Government platform enterprises

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            Broad Alliance

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            CONTACT US

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            CONTACT US

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            Website Group

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